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Aesthetically Oriented Podiatry


Dr. Yeargain offers more-than-effective treatments for podiatric conditions like bunions or hammertoes. He brings a cosmetic touch to his treatments, leaving you feeling great and looking even better. While studying to be a podiatrist, he trained with an elite plastics department, so he always works with the final appearance in mind, combining aesthetics and functionality to leave you confident and comfortable when you step out of the office.

How do Dr. Yeargain’s treatments differ from other podiatrists?

Many podiatrists are happy to simply treat the condition and send patients on their way. Dr. Yeargain works with the final appearance in mind, choosing from a number of advanced techniques to make sure you look as good as you feel. In some cases, incisions can be made to a different side of the foot, so the scars aren’t visible. Or he can use minor plastic surgery techniques to close the skin with minimal scarring. Whatever your condition, Dr. Yeargain will work with you to make sure you’re looking good and feeling great.