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Trauma Treatment


Dr. Yeargain specializes in treatments following trauma to the foot, ankle, and lower leg, for athletes and weekend warriors alike. In addition to treating fractures and arthritis in the foot and ankle, he offers orthobiologic repairs for torn ligaments, as well as bioabsorable anchors and synthetic reconstructions that can effectively replace damaged orthopedic structures. As always, Dr. Yeargain combines advanced treatments with an aesthetic eye, working to keep you performing at your highest possible level without sacrificing cosmetics.

What will recovery be like?

Dr. Yeargain knows what it’s like to be injured doing something that you love. If you’re a runner, he wants to make sure you get to keep running, as well as if you’re a hiker, a cyclist, a football player, or a parent who likes to play volleyball on the weekends. Dr. Yeargain customizes recovery regimens to suit your lifestyle, recommending specific running apps, incorporating personalized training protocols, and gearing you up with braces, foam rollers, or whatever you might need. He works hard to integrate your lifestyle into your recovery, rather than simply fix the injury and send you home. He’ll work closely with you to determine the best possible plan for recovery and beyond.

Should I be looking for a podiatrist if I’ve injured my ankle?

Not all podiatrists specialize in the lower leg and ankle, as well as the foot. This is one of the many things that sets Dr. Yeargain apart. While at the University of Pittsburgh, he was specially trained to work with the foot, ankle, and lower leg, treating fractures, reconstructions, and torn ligaments. Whatever your condition may be, Dr. Yeargain can help set you straight and get you back on the road to glory.