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Skin and Toenail Health


Dr. Yeargain offers top-of-the-line treatments for dermatological issues affecting the foot and ankle area. Whether it’s a wart, skin lesion, ingrown toenail, or fungus, these painful and unsightly conditions can be treated with minimal discomfort. Dr. Yeargain offers a variety of options, including antifungal solutions, high-end creams, and other cosmetic products, at his private practice—no secondary trips to the pharmacy are necessary. He’ll work with you to determine the best course of treatment, always with aesthetics in mind. Dr. Yeargain’s goal is not only to help you heal, but to help you heal so well that no can tell there was ever a problem.

Does Yeargain Foot & Ankle perform surgery on fungal toenails?

Dr. Yeargain offers more effective and less painful solutions, including creams and other high-end cosmetic products that will help rid you of fungus or other dermatological issues affecting your foot and ankle.

If I seek treatment for an ingrown toenail, am I going to have an unsightly scar?

Dr. Yeargain treats ingrown toenails in a very minimal way, always keeping the final appearance in mind. He doesn’t just cut away the nail and move on. His goal is to keep the procedure as hidden as possible, so the nail grows back naturally, without any unsightly scarring.