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Expert Podiatrist in Dallas Across From Baylor University Medical Center

Yeargain Foot & Ankle – Baylor is located across the street from the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, where Dr. Yeargain and Dr. Agyen are on staff at the academic training center. We treat patients living with a wide variety of podiatric issues, from ingrown toenails to foot and ankle fractures. We specialize in sports medicine and aesthetically oriented podiatric care, meaning we apply years of experience and expertise to combine cosmetics, functionality, and rapid recovery, helping you get back out there with confidence and strength. Our staff is fluent in Spanish, and Yeargain Foot & Ankle welcomes patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

Get Relief…
Right Where You Work

If you work in Downtown Dallas you know the challenge of working a full day and then finding time for a podiatry appointment. That’s why we have two clinics located in the downtown area. Schedule your appointment and customized treatment plan right where you work. We will get you in, get you relief, and get you back to active living.

Yeargain Foot & Ankle

3801 Gaston Ave #330
Dallas, TX 75246
(972) 853-4886

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Oak Cliff/Methodist Hospital
1411 N Beckley Ave. Suite 456
Dallas, TX 75203
Pavilion III at Methodist Hospital
(972) 845-4970

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Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 1pm

For Appointments
Call or Text: (972) 853-4886

YF&A - Our Approach And Promise
Serving Downtown Dallas Since 2014

  • Amazing care for all clients
  • Feel good AND look good!
  • Personable and professional
  • Sports medicine podiatry experts
  • Trained in plastics (muscular & skeletal work with great aesthetics)
  • Easy to talk to and understand
  • Located for urban workers
  • Comfortable office environment
  • Available, accessible, convenient
  • Network for quality referrals (for complex reconstructive surgery if needed)

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