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Dr. Yeargain offers a wide variety of podiatric treatment options for athletes, both professional and self-motivated. From shoe recommendations to foot and ankle reconstruction, he can help you locate the problem, and then find the best possible treatment for your particular condition. Dr. Yeargain has years of expertise working with professional athletes, dating back to his residency at the University of Pittsburgh (where he worked with athletes from the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh). He brings that same elite level of care to any podiatric condition, making sure every patient gets the highest-quality care and the most advanced options for treatment. He’ll talk you through the procedure, so you’ll understand the decisions you’re making together. His office also offers auxiliary equipment, such as braces and orthotics, right on site, so you don’t need to make a second trip.


Dr. Yeargain works hard to help you bounce back to your highest level of performance or beyond. He specialized in foot and ankle surgery at the University of Pittsburgh (one of the top five programs in the country), where he worked with Pittsburgh Steelers and PITT athletes. While there, he trained in endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures for the foot, ankle, and lower leg. These minimally invasive surgical procedures mean quick recovery and fewer complications. He was also specially trained in a rare procedure for lateral ankle stabilization by the physician who developed the procedure—the team physician for the Scottish National Rugby and Soccer teams. He brings this expertise and elite-level care to every condition, working with each patient to determine the best course of treatment, so they can get back out there.

Dr. Yeargain’s goal is always to repair, optimize, and strengthen, so you’re performing better than ever before. He wants to get you back to doing what you love. A runner himself, he understands the psychological difficulty of a sports injury, and he’ll work with you to develop recovery plans that accommodate your lifestyle, using special running apps, recommended foam rollers, and personalized training programs, so you can work your way back up to peak performance level in no time.

Yes! Heel pain and injuries to the Achilles tendon are the most common conditions treated by Dr. Yeargain. He offers the same level of elite care and focused attention to patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, or in need of tendon repair and reconstruction. He prides himself on helping patients get back to their peak level of performance, even if their preferred activity is a stroll down the beach. For most heel and Achilles conditions, Dr. Yeargain tells patients that “in six weeks, you’ll be better than ever before.”

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If you work in Downtown Dallas you know the challenge of working a full day and then finding time for a podiatry appointment. That’s why we have two clinics located in the downtown area. Schedule your appointment and customized treatment plan right where you work. We will get you in, get you relief, and get you back to active living.

Yeargain Foot & Ankle

3801 Gaston Ave #330
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Oak Cliff/Methodist Hospital
1411 N Beckley Ave. Suite 456
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Pavilion III at Methodist Hospital
(972) 845-4970

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YF&A - Our Approach And Promise
Serving Downtown Dallas Since 2014

  • Amazing care for all clients
  • Feel good AND look good!
  • Personable and professional
  • Sports medicine podiatry experts
  • Trained in plastics (muscular & skeletal work with great aesthetics)
  • Easy to talk to and understand
  • Located for urban workers
  • Comfortable office environment
  • Available, accessible, convenient
  • Network for quality referrals (for complex reconstructive surgery if needed)

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